TRIADS (Vinyl)
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TRIADS (Vinyl)


The third album from Code Elektro. Released in 2017. The sonic references are Blade Runner (soundtrack),
Stranger Things (Soundtrack), John Carpenter and Daft Punk (TRON).

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The title “TRIADS” has two meanings:

  1. A triad is a group of three, and this is album number three
  2. Triads can also mean Asian crime syndicates originating from China in the 18th century.

The track Night Train has more than 3 million stream on Spotify! And the video for Shinobi has been
featured on several Film Festivals and the New Retro Wave youtube channel.

– “World Class Synthwave – 5 starts!” Gaffa Magazine
– “An out of mind experience” Echosynthetic
– “9 of 10 stars” Vinyl Sphere

LP Black Vinyl 12″
Mastered specifically for vinyl from high-quality audio files (48khz, 24bit) with no compression
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Artwork by John Bergin (Stranger Things, DRIVE, Mr. Robot)
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Track List
A1 Rise of the Triads
A2 Shinobi
A3 Night Train
A4 Chinese Dreams
A5 The Monk
A6 In the Shadows

B1 The Wilderness
B2 International Karate
B3 Triads
B4 Mission Control
B5 Silent Runner
B6 Tokyo Dawn

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Electronica, Synthwave